AQUAGOLD® Prime Call for Data

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To provide AQUAGOLD® medical professionals the opportunity to receive free AQUAGOLD® units in exchange for data for research. 


AQUAGOLD® is currently upgrading its status with the FDA via De Novo classification for its novel technology. 

In order to do this, we have committed to not commercialize AQUAGOLD until the new classification is confirmed.

* When you purchase (1) Pre-Order package, you'll be eligible for (1) FREE Call for Data package.


  1. Insert 1cc of desired injectable treatment into AQUAGOLD (*if your regimen requires more than 1cc, you may continue the procedure after capturing the data for 1cc)
  2. Gently tap 1cc worth of treatment into skin and start counting the number of taps required to fully dispense the 1cc
  3. Once finished dispensing 1cc, measure the seconds until there is no visible sign of medication on the surface of the skin
  4. Take photo of injected area


  1. How many taps were required to fully dispense 1cc?
  2. What drug(s) were used in the procedure?
  3. How much time did it take for full absorption into the skin (in seconds) after the last tap? 

Example Answers:

  1. 50 taps
  2. BOTOX
  3. 10 seconds

Supply photos and answers for each unit to